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Карта отеля

Карта отеля


Unkai Hotel Guangzhou, Он расположен в районе Байюнь города Гуанчжоу, с одной стороны, между торговой плитой хэбэй и Южной оконечной курортной плитой, с другой стороны, на севере к озеру наньху, с другой стороны, он смотрит на достопримечательности белых юньшань, географическое расположение отличное, удобный транспорт.с третьей линией метро, которая находится примерно в 500 метрах от станции, около 20 минут можно добраться до павильона? баочжоу?, торговый центр? тяньхэ?, новый город Чжуцзян, является предпочтительным коммерческим путешествием и отдыхом.
отличное обслуживание, большой просторный номер, приятный и красивый западный ресторан, шикарный китайский ресторан, индивидуальное красное здание, многофункциональный международный банкетный зал, спортивный зал, открытый бассейн.Конечно, есть и сервисная команда отеля, которая оказывает вам теплое содействие в течение всего дня.
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Вопросы и ответы
  • Как далеко этот отель от Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport?

    Unkai Hotel Guangzhou 19.8km от аэропорта.

  • Предоставляет ли Unkai Hotel Guangzhou услугу трансфера?

    Да, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами после бронирования.

  • Какое время заезда и выезда в Unkai Hotel Guangzhou?

    Время заезда: с 14:00, а время выезда: до 12:00 в Unkai Hotel Guangzhou.

  • Есть ли в Unkai Hotel Guangzhou бассейн и Занятия по фитнесу ?

    Да. Информацию о бассейне и тренажерный зал и других удобствах вы найдете на этой странице.

  • Eсть ли Unkai Hotel Guangzhou ресторан?

    Да, вы можете поесть в отеле.

  • Unkai Hotel Guangzhou Есть ли широкополосный доступ или Wi-Fi?

    Да, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с сотрудниками стойки регистрации отеля для уточнения деталей.

  • Unkai Hotel Guangzhou Вы принимаете предоплату?

    Примите, пожалуйста, отправьте ваш заказ, прежде чем связаться с нами.

  • Unkai Hotel Guangzhou Принимать оплату кредитной картой?

    Нет, отель не принимает кредитные карты.

  • Сколько стоит завтрак для Unkai Hotel Guangzhou?

    завтрак CNY48 / чел.

  • Сколько стоит проживаниe Unkai Hotel Guangzhou?

    Цены начинаются с CNY352, в зависимости от типа номера и даты.

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  • butterfly223
    The software is good
  • maple4423
    It's newly decorated! There's a smell! It's not very convenient to take a taxi! Everything else is good!
  • cuijy
    I'll stay next time. Nice hotel
  • leoy_lee
    The room is spacious and comfortable, the surrounding environment is very green and quiet
  • lutianlutian
    The hotel is new, cost-effective and close to the expressway.
  • jinjinglilly
    Overall, it's good. It's quite convenient to travel. There's a subway
  • julia1029
    The hardware of the hotel is good, but the service is too bad. The front desk lady is too impolite!
  • eva1186
    The smell of decoration is not so strong. It's not convenient for a friend to visit the elevator.
  • lycxjf
    Very satisfied
  • freya0528
    The arrival time is relatively late. The room is still reserved at 10:30 at night. Like one!
  • wangjinfang86
    The new hotel, convenient location, is too new taste
  • anrong
  • d_jingle
    Nice hotel. Satisfied. I didn't eat breakfast after the time
  • lele198723
    not bad
  • Jimmy Liu
    The environment is pretty good
  • jaauy
    As always
  • ddfgfg
    The geographical location is general, the access is by taxi, it is worth mentioning that the room is clean and the service is also good. You can stay next time you travel.
  • Raylan88
    The hotel is new and clean. Stay next time.
  • e00072668
    I'm very satisfied. The room is wonderful, but it's far away from the hall
  • ally23
    White swan hotel management is great, clean and tidy!
  • tonypaulen
    The room is a little smelly, other things are OK ~ ~ the service attitude is not wrong ~ ~ I didn't get an order when I didn't go there ~~~
  • calo0207
    Good morning. The hardware in the room is very good. The service is OK
  • cutebb
    Very good
  • bunny10
    Overall, it's good, especially the bath water. The service is also good. Compared with the room price of more than 400 nights, it's very good. The Chinese restaurant on the second floor has a good taste. It's no worse than taotaoju, and the price is reasonable. The taste of rice is better than taotaoju. Although it's less than 1000 meters away from the subway, it's difficult to walk all the way uphill. I suggest taking a taxi.
  • youlai
    There is no instant noodles, breakfast is too expensive, the facilities are not bad, and the bed is very comfortable
  • Ayumi4
    It's not good, it's not worth it
  • song6719
    The new hotel tastes a little heavy
  • lois888
    New hotel is very good with everything , including service and enviroment !
  • baoying
    It's a nice hotel. It's clean. The room is nice and the breakfast is good. It's just that the room on the side of the road is a little noisy. There is no place to eat around. It seems that it can only be solved in the hotel. Half an hour to Pazhou Pavilion.
  • guaiguai99
    Breakfast is too bad
  • normanwyf
  • lcfaaa888
    It's a very new hotel with good interior decoration style.
  • joegogo
    Nice hotel
  • TonYon
    The hotel environment is good, the software service is also very good, especially the buffet dinner on the first floor is very valuable, the buffet breakfast is free, the swimming pool is too shallow, and those who learn to swim are in it. They are not separated, which is not suitable for people like us. In addition, the bed in the room is not big enough, and the decoration is too simple, which is inconsistent with the so-called five-star hotel. It can only be regarded as a high-end business hotel!
  • tangrami
    Relatively new, so long, decoration taste is still so big! Can't we use environmentally friendly materials? Bathtub is very clean, ready to soak a bubble, the result of water valve failure, although send someone to come in time, also toss for a long time! Seriously affect the mood! It can be seen that all the equipment and decoration have been designed, but the material quality is general. I read the introduction and strongly recommend it... Fortunately, the price is affordable. Anyway, my friends have a lot of opinions, so I don't want to go any more.
  • fujiancang
    Very good, every aspect of the service attitude was very good. Very satisfied once.
  • GaryYip23
    not bad
  • fianna
    Hotel is very new, some expensive during the Canton Fair, usually the price is good! A little less choice in the morning! There is a certain distance from the urban area. It's a good choice to work in that area
  • e03884585
    The decoration of the hotel is very new, which is the popular wood grain stone style in recent years. The management of white swan is OK. The swimming pool should wear a swimming cap and the Internet speed should bring its own photos. The overall evaluation is close to five stars. Breakfast is rich and good. The only deficiency is that it won't supplement food. It will be robbed at once, such as marble cake and small puffs. For example, after drinking milk at 8:40, it won't be supplemented until the end.
  • buter
    The price is a little bit high. Everything else is good
  • babycrystal
    Really good, worthy of recommendation
  • Carleton002
    Good hotel ,very nice !!
  • ltjxian
    Great and will choose to live there again
  • cici501
    The environment is good, but the hotel decoration is too delicious.
  • laofeicui
    I ordered it for my friend
  • iroar
    I have been staying in Jiarun Yunkai hotel for many business trips in Guangzhou. I felt good at first, but now I really can't compliment you! The key is service! When I first arrived at the hotel, it was raining. I was carrying a lot of things in my hand. The doorman at the door walked with both hands on his back, ignoring you directly! I won't come to help you open the taxi door! Even the doorman. The vernacular receptionist at the front desk with the word 'Ying' in his name is expressionless and cold as ice. He seems to have a deep hatred with me and ignores you directly. He won't say 'happy check-in' to you after opening the room! I'm here for consumption, not for anger! After such a long time, the room still has the smell of new decoration. The telephone at the head of the bed can't be used. After changing the room, the piston of the bathtub can't be used. It can only store water, but can't let it go. Let someone come to repair it and urge it twice. The time interval is 20 minutes. I can't take a bath, so I just wait. If I don't urge it again, I don't know how long I have to wait! Last time I stayed here, I lost my belongings. The staff of the ward round didn't find them and didn't inform the front desk when I checked out. This time, I asked the staff by phone whether they could retrieve the lost belongings last time, and the other party replied. As a result, I didn't tell them by phone when I checked out. It's really insincere! Every time I go on a business trip, I always choose Jiarun Yunkai. If I still have this kind of service attitude, I'm sorry, I'm here for consumption, not for anger!
  • e03422104
    Still go on!
  • e00700731
    It's OK. There are gymnasium, swimming pool and other facilities.
  • ljt1013
    The facilities are new and the taste is no longer unbearable. High cost performance
  • craiglu
    Very good......................
  • Almee
    The dream poem of the hotel is very powerful
  • abby_meng
    The surrounding environment is general, the transportation is convenient, the room is clean and tidy, and I have sat for many times
  • jinweiwj
    There's a swimming pool, a gym. Comfortable stay. Good breakfast!
  • adsfasd
    The traffic is not very convenient, driving is OK!
  • gugang1230
    The price was surprised me, because rooms are very well equipped, new and clean.
  • duan011
    Very good, very satisfied
  • d03841518
    The room is clean! More suitable for mass consumption! Okay, okay
  • e00094049
    The hotel is close to South China, with convenient transportation and good service at the front desk and western restaurant, so we choose here every time we check in
  • gullcanada
    Great hotel, recommended!
  • didadil
    not so bad. The overall feeling is good, but the bathtub in the room is broken. The equipment shall be well maintained
  • audrey1226
    I don't know how to describe it. It's close to the subway station and walk for at least 15 minutes. The distribution time of the swimming pool is very strange. It is not open at the hottest time at noon and closed early at night. The most fatal point is that the decoration smell is very big. I smell it as soon as I enter the hotel hall. The smell in the corridor is even stronger, and I don't talk about it in the room. I planned to stay for three days, but I escaped after living for one day.
  • E04776662